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ASME Presenter Attendance Policy

The ASME Presenter Attendance Policy is such that if a paper is not presented at the conference by an author / co-author of the paper, it will not be published in the official archival proceedings, which are registered with the Library of Congress and abstracted and indexed. It will also not be published in the ASME Digital Collection and may not be cited as a published paper.

This practice was implemented for ASME’s Turbo Expo in 2010 to coincide with ASME Policy 12.1 and intended to reduce the number of no-show authors at conferences. This was also in response to input from Turbo Expo attendees concerning significant increases over the years in the number of authors who failed to show up to present their papers or even to notify the session organizers of their absence.  Along with detracting from the general environment at the conference, no show authors increase costs because their actions result in unused rooms. These costs are ultimately passed to attendees through increased registration fees. ASME IGTI works hard to keep the costs as low as possible and reducing the number of no-show authors will save money. 

ASME understands that there are sometimes emergency situations that make it so no authors of the paper are able to attend the conference.  If this becomes the case, the corresponding author will be required to submit the replacement author form to the Conference Chair and the ASME Publications department for pre-approval. The replacement speaker must be fully versed in the paper content and willing and able to present the paper and its content, including answering questions following the presentation.  Our goal is to provide the highest standard of technical expertise for the conference, as expected by our attendees.

Registrations may not be transferred at any time.